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Glass Panel with Touch function

Model Number:DGT070-1

Available customization,welcome inquiry us!

7inch Glass panel with touch sensor

G+G,OCA technology

-3mm glass cover, physical tempering, inner bevel treatment;

-Driver IC: GT911, IIC interface, 5-point touch;

-Available viewing: 155.08mm*86.92mm, can support 7" LCD resolution: 800*480, 1024*600

Glass Panel Single panel

Model Number:SG043-1

Available customization,welcome inquire us!

4.3inch Single Glass Panel


-1.1mm glass cover, chemical tempering;

-Plating mirror effect (nickel plating)

-IR ink, infrared light can be penetrated (full screen)

Glass Panel with Touch function

Model Number:GFT020-1

Available customization,welcome inquiry us!

2.0inch Glass Panel with Film sensor

-G+F+F,OCA technology 16:9

-1.1mm Corning glass cover, chemical tempering, high strength;

-Driver IC: FT7311, IIC interface, 2-point touch;

-Window area: 41.60mm*31.40mm, can support 2" LCD resolution: 240*320

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