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M1 Flexible curtain screen

  •     1.The screen can be flexed to arcs, circles, waves, etc., the size and color can be customized;

  •     2.≥70% permeability can make the screen body and stage lighting integrate to a whole one, showing a perfect effect;

  •     3.The convenient lock design can ensure that the screen can be quickly disassembled without tools;

  •     4.Quickly install the screen by locking the two joints on the hanging beam;

  •     5.The LED light bar can be taken out separately for various creative shapes;

  •     6.Screen protection class IP66, with waterproof connectors at the head and tail.

Flexible LED curtain screen - M1 Specifications
    Model Name
    Pixel Pitch
    37.5mm / 56.25mm (pixel pitch can be customized)
    Pixel Configuration
    Panel Size
    300*4800 mm / 450*7200mm (size can be customized)
    Panel Resolution
    Panel Weight
    4kg /sqm ; 2.4kg/sqm
    2000 nits / 800 nits (Nationstar SMD-RS-3535MWAM)
    IP Rating(Front/Rear)
    Refresh Rate
    1000 - 3000 Hz
    Transparency Rate
    70% / 80%
    Scan Mode
    Max Power Consumption
    280 W/㎡ ; 100 W/㎡
    Color Processing
    16 bit
    Viewing Angle(H/V)
    Operating Temperature
    Main Power Source
    AC 100~240V; 50/60Hz
    Input Voltage
    7.5V DC
    Life Time
    100,000 Hours

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